Our history

Family Gastronomy
out of passion.

Welcome to the house Salihi, just like on holiday you can sit back comfortably and spend a nice day with us. Courteous service and
Hospitality is our top priority. You will experience fine, contemporary and original Italian cuisine.


Our chef and his team select the ingredients specifically and are happy to prepare them for you. Quality, freshness and cleanliness are a matter of course.

Of course, we attach great importance to satisfying your taste in the selection of our dishes and have extended or refined various dishes. If you have any special wishes, please contact the waiters and waitresses in confidence.

In order that you will always have pleasant memories of your time in our restaurant, we try to fulfil all your wishes.  It is our heart's desire that you feel comfortable with us.

For your special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas celebrations, weddings, christenings or even weddings, we provide you with large rooms. Our restaurant offers you a rustic, old area and a modern winter garden
which can accommodate up to 140 people. Please feel free to talk to us about it :-)

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We thank you for reading and wish you a good appetite!
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Waldstraße 40

66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

Tel: +49 6371 9522 955 oder 922

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            monday to sunday                   

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17:00 - 22:30 Uhr
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